Comprised of Veterans and Newbies the group allows for the perfect learning environment

Originally started as a group on Facebook to inform and educate future and current South African Boerboel Owners.   As the group continues to evolve and grow on FaceBook I decided to develop the website to aid in the common goal of educating the public on this magnificent breed.  A responsible owner must be an informed owner and that will be the purpose of Boerboel Owners Group! Exclusive documents are available in the group as well as many knowledgeable members adding to the Value. If you are an enthusiast and wish to learn more about the breed please click the "Join" button on the home page.  This site will continue to be updated.

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a responsible owner is an informed owner


Some Have Tried To Imitate, But None Can Replicate




Endless information in one location allowing complete access to learn all there is to know about the breed



Read detailed documentation outlining the breed origin and development