KALAHARI OLDE CAPE MASTIFF


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We breeder large muscular working style or line dogs. Since we are a small kennel we intimately know our dogs and can therefore make informed breeding decisions.  We also embark on a DNA testing regime to prove the health of our breeding stock. Workability are routinely tested by cattle herding, free running and jumping up and down pickup trucks.  As living on a rural setting our dogs get to use their guarding skills daily to protect the homestead and we can see if any of our dogs have what it takes to protect. We prefer  We export to any country that qualifies or don't have them blacklisted.                      



Fayetteville, NC 28301



Currently our program consist of 4 dogs: 15 mos old Integrity Boerboel's Isabella, 15 mos old Integrity Boerboel's Sophia, 13 week old Integrity Boerboel's Abiah and 9 mos old Coomore Raptor.   All dogs have been EMBARK DNA tested and are cleared of genetic diseases nor are they carriers of any genetic diseases. Each pup DNA profile has been submitted to OFA. Also, OFA preliminary hips/elbows have been done on Isabella, Sophia and Raptor.  I have made all OFA and DNA results available to public. All other recommended health testing will be done. According to the OFA all 1st generation Integrity Boerboel's Puppies will be cleared by parentage through the OFA. This an additional line of security for me the breeder and future puppy buyers. I'm toying with the idea of when to release pups to forever homes.  It will be 10 or 16 weeks to issue all puppy vaccinations and deworming has been completed. This would be another line of security regarding health and temperament. Puppies kept longer than 8 weeks and properly socialized would be more confident and imprinted ready to learn their new jobs. 

Breeding for temperament and health are my primary concern. My current breeding stock are not registered with any club. It's my plan to have them registered through the CKC but held to the higher standard of the CKC Preferred Breeders program. Just last week I submitted CKC PAW registration applications for Isabella and Sophia,  they are the only to who have met the 1 yr old age requirement.  

I would be more than happy to provide any supporting documents and even the NC CERTIFICATE OF EXISTENCE. Once I have acquired more than 3 breeding females I will be required to have a USDA license for commercial breeders.